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How much protein should I be eating?

So by now we all know that protein should be making up the bulk of our diets, (unless you listen to the healthy food pyramid, in which case you may end up being the shape of said pyramid).

But how much protein should we be consuming?

Well if muscle gain is your aim (which it should be as gaining muscle helps burn fat) then there is a simple guideline rule you can start with.

For males 2g per kg of body weight is a good starting point

For females 1 . 2 to 1 . 5g per kg of bodyweight should suffice.

Note: This is a guideline - some people may need more or less protein depending on individual circumstances.

This total protein consumption should be spread over 5 - 6 meals in a day. this proves difficult for most which is where supplements can come in handy. Buying the right protein supplement can be confusing with so many out there claiming to do different things. cut out the guess work and come visit us at Physique Fitness where we stock high quality protein at internet prices so you can be sure to walk out with the best supplement for your needs.

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