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Gym Deli - Taking The Prep Out Of Food Prep!

We have teamed up with 'The Gym Deli' to take the hassle out of food prepping for our members and and anyone local who find it hard to prepare healthy meals for their lunch breaks. These meals have been massively popular with our members.

If you think eating healthy means bland, boring food then think again! 'The Gym Deli' have a fantastic team of chefs who serve up meals so tasty that you will forget that you are eating healthy.

Just Pick what you want from the menu below and send us over an email or pop in to see us here at Physique Fitness to place your orders. Once they have been delivered come and pick them up from us. Meals are delivered to us on Monday and Thursday mornings.

How to order:

1. Pick your protein

2. Pick your carb

3. Pick your veg

(For a low carb option pick 2 lots of veg to replace your carbs)

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