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Membership Packages 

A clean and friendly gym with expert trainers on hand for all your training needs. Being run by personal trainers we know exactly what equipment is needed to create the best training enviroment for our members. 

We have no minimum term contract and no joining fee on any of our membership options!


Full membership 

£48 pm


Couples Membership  

£85 pm


Blue Light Membership 

£40 pm


Student Membership (Minimum Age 16)

£40 pm

One Month Cash

Pay As You Go


Bronze Membership  

1 x PT session every 6 weeks  

£85 pm

Silver Membership

 1x PT session every 4 weeks 

£105 pm

Gold membership

 1 x Weekly PT session 

£235 PM 



I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Physique Fitness, the wellness and personal training company that has been a game-changer for Channel Assist employees.


Physique Fitness stands out for its personalised approach. Their team haven taken the time to understand our company and individual needs, crafting tailored plans that cater to all aspects of well-being . Their trainers are not only knowledgeable but also incredibly motivating and supportive, ensuring progress every step of the way.


What sets Physique Fitness apart is their holistic approach. They emphasise not just physical fitness but also nutrition and mental well-being. Since starting with them, we've experienced significant improvements in strength, endurance, and overall health, which has positively impacted our productivity at work (+ reduced absenteeism).


I wholeheartedly recommend Physique Fitness to anyone looking to enhance their well-being, fitness and company goals. Thank you, Physique Fitness, for contributing to the well-being of Channel Assist employees. Your impact is truly remarkable!


Alain Brissimitzakis

Sales & Marketing Director

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