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Our Top Booty Building Exercises

So before we get into this these are our top exercises for building up the glutes. If you have excess fat surrounding the glutes these exercises will not spot reduce the Fat. There are no exercises which can do this despite what you might read in magazines or social media.  To lose fat you must be in a calorie deficit and your body will choose where it comes off first.  Everyone is different.  

...... rant over. Here are our favourite booty exercises 

Lunges - add load to these using dumbbells or if you are confident with your balance a bar on your back.  

Squats - for beginners we suggest either an air squat or starting with a goblet squat. For more advanced lifters loading the squat with a bar on your back is most effective 

RDL (Romanian deadlift) or sometimes known as stiff legged deadlift. These are fantastic for the glutes and hamstrings. Just remember to squeeze your bum all the way through the exercise especially as you thrust forward.

Hip thrusts - another you can add quite a lot of load through. This exercise is most easily performed by using and olympic bar and olympic sized plates (bumper plates) 

Remember when training the glutes they are one of the biggest muscles in your body so they should be able to handle a fairly heavy load compared to the rest of your body...... if you are bicep curling a 10kg bar you definitely shouldn't be hip thrusting with one! 

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