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Why Use Physique Fitness Trainers? .........

Because we get results!

We care about our clients and appreciate that not everyone who walks through the door is a professional athlete! Everybody has their own goals and everybody has their own journey! We believe everybody has what it takes to achieve their own personal goals. It's about figuring our how to unlock your potential!

Read how Caroline has found her experience training with a Physique trainer!

I couldn’t recommend Steve Simmons of SPT Training at Physique Gym highly enough. He has been my personal trainer twice a week for the last 8 months, and I have lost 2 stone in weight, reduced my body fat percentage from 39% to 30% and reduced my metabolic age from 63 to 44.

I have never had so many compliments about my appearance in my whole life. His eating plan is uncomplicated and easy to become a life habit. His resistance weight training sessions are fun, varied and motivational. He always ensures that your technique is correct and safe. He avoids any exercises that would niggle an existing problem and plans exercises to support rehabilitation and strengthen any weaknesses.

Personal training with Steve is worth every penny, and so much more beneficial than just slogging away in the gym on your own. His ongoing measurement and review of your progress is both inspiring and informative.

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