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Protein Snack Bars

One of our members brought these homemade snack bars into the gym for us to try and we just had to get the recipe off them! They are soooo delicious and quick and easy to make! There is no cooking time as this is a no-bake recipe.

Use any nuts and fruit for flavour. Experiment and make it your own!


- Whey powder - 2 mugs - Flaked coconut – 1 mug - Coconut flour – 1 mug - Coconut milk – 1 mug - Almonds and Cashew Nuts - 100g of each

For the topping - Pitted dates – 200g - Dark chocolate 80%+ – 150g


• Thoroughly mix all dry ingredients • Stir in milk to create a stiff dough • Tamp the mixture flat into a greased 20cm square tin • Cover with finely chopped dates • Microwave chocolate for 1minute – stir for 1 minute and spread over the top • Freeze for 1 hour • Cut into bars

Makes approximately 20 bars


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