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So I think you will all agree of the relevance of this post giving the current climate we seem to be living in. Here are our top 3 tips for staying healthy and keeping your immune system functioning well.

Move / Exercise

(yes we get the irony of the gym currently being closed ...... Speak to Boris)

Whether you lift weights, run, cycle, or walk — any type of exercise is a key part of keeping your immune system functioning well. Exercise works in many ways to make sure your immune defence systems can act quickly and effectively, and it can even help offset stress or sleep difficulties. Recent research found that regular exercise:

• Helps the overall health of your immune system

• Decreases your risk of illness

• Helps mediate the correct inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses

• Delays the onset of age-related immune decline


Sleep deprivation can knock out your immune system. It exhausts your body into making mistakes that leave you vulnerable. A lack of sleep can prevent your immune cells from making their way to your lymph nodes (where they help you fight disease) or confuse your body and make it harder for them to create the right antibodies to fight back against infection.

A Lack of sleep is also linked to stress which will also knock your immune system for six. If you really want to help your immune system, start by looking at your stress levels. Whether you feel it or not, stress disarms your immune system and prevents it from working at its normal levels.


You might think of protein as the key ingredient in muscle building (it is), but — when you look at the bigger picture — protein plays a vital role in every cell in your body. This includes your immune system and helping create the cells that help fight disease. Proteins are a key component of the very antibodies developed by your immune systems designed to keep you safe. Eating protein ensures that your body has enough of the raw materials needed to allow your immune system to respond to bacteria and viruses in your body.

Obviously as well as protein we also recommend consuming lots of veg and fruit. a variety of colours is key to getting all the goodness these natural foods have to offer.

Stay safe .... but most importantly ... stay ......

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