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Flexible Dieting

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

When diets are too restrictive, they are much harder to adhere to which is why people fluctuate so much when it comes to losing weight and maintaining fat loss.

If you are looking to lose fat the most important thing is being in a calorie deficit. It does not matter what macronutrient targets you are hitting if your calories are too high.

Protein is the next key player after getting your calorie target correct. Protein plays a huge roll in muscle gain and fat loss. You will have a very tough time doing either of these if you are not consuming enough protein.

Carbohydrates and dietary fats are both energy sources which both have their own respective benefits. When it comes to losing fat, you can select what suits you best based on your personal preference. It is however advised to not let your fat fall below 20% of your daily caloric intake.

As an example:

Calorie Target: 2000 kcals a day (or 14000 Kcal a week)

Protein Target: 190g per day (closely met)

Carbs and fats: these make up your remaining calories based on your personal preference.

With flexible dieting we look at your calories as a weekly target rather than daily. This could allow for higher days and lower days when it comes to your calorie target. For example If you know you are meeting some friends for a few drinks on a Saturday you could reduce your calories in the week by 100kcals a day to allow for 500 extra kcals to enjoy a few drinks or a meal out.

There are endless ways of playing it. Below is an example of both Linear dieting and flexible dieting to give you an idea of how flexible dieting can give you more freedom to enjoy the weekends. Both weeks add up to 14000 kcals.

Stay Safe ...... But Most Importantly ...... Stay Strong

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