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The Interim Gym

So this is where it all began. Myself and Mark decided to join forces and create a personal training studio with top of the range equipment so we could give our clients the best training experience possible. As I am sure you are all aware this caused a bit of uproar which forced us to move a little bit quicker than we had planned.

Never the less we put our heads together and with a mixture of hard work, a little bit of good fortune and some fantastic support from friends and family we managed to create the 'Interim Gym'. This is a temporary space to ensure our clients still got the best service whilst Physique Fitness is being ripped out by builders.

This is where our vision gets bigger. We thought why not open Physique Fitness as an exclusive gym membership for people who want to use top of the range equipment knowing that they won't be walking into an overcrowded gym. So we have decided to open to just 100 members. This will ensure you get the best possible workout at anytime of the day.

So don't hesitate to sign up as you might miss out on a fantastic training opportunity.

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